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LEGO® serious play® (LSP)

DURATION: 4 hours (can be extended to 8 hours) | NUMBER OF PLAYERS: 6 -15 participants | PRICE (excluding travel expenses, excluding VAT): € 975,-, including preparation and evaluation interview | LOCATION: at location of your choice

LEGO® serious play® (LSP)

  • LEGO® serious play® (LSP) can be used for strategy and vision development, team building, entrepreneurship and innovation. The method can be used at organisation/departmental, team/group and individual level.


    Specifically for teams, the workshop can be used to strengthen teamwork, working in the supply chain, project development, communication improvement, etc.


    The method contributes to new collaborations among employees, a positive dynamic, powerful insights and more fun. The building of improvements and dealing with changes is given substance and creates a new energy with a focus on the future.

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